Open Plan IT provide expert all-round computer support to voluntary, community and third sector organisations; health services; youth projects; campaign groups; social enterprises and other not-for-profits. We have a proven track record of providing effective support to organisations anywhere since 2001.

We setup and administer all the computer systems that keep an office running, and give advice on how you can make best use of information and communications technology (ICT). Our remit in this sense is the software and hardware for desktop computers, laptops, servers, phones, tablets, and networking including firewalls, routers, wireless access points and cabling.

We deliver unobtrusive IT support, with an emphasis on keeping your systems running smoothly, through deep technical know-how and our focus on security, high quality equipment, rigorous decision making, policy-based practices, systems that are well understood, documented and as simple as possible, and meticulous standardisation of software and settings.

We also deploy web sites and web applications.


Email: pete @ openplanit . com

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General IT Support

Though we specialise in working with free and open-source software and have a suite of software we can recommend, we can also work with whatever you already use. We are experienced in using many kinds of computers and devices; most operating systems (Windows, OS X / Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS), and with an array of software applications.

Organisation-Wide Computing Systems

We offer a complete computer system for your organisation — our 'Roaming Computing System' — a suite of free software, running on desktop computers with Windows 7 and a Debian (Linux) server in your office. We keep the software up-to-date with security updates on a continual basis and with major updates periodically. Your staff get a consistent setup and can login from any computer in your office, or use the same facilities when away from the office using laptops.

Web sites and Web Applications

We can deploy and manage web sites and web applications for various solutions.

Second-User Computers

Where practicable we buy all equipment in the second-user market. We source ex-corporate computers whose high quality means they have years of trouble free life left in them, at low prices.


We install very secure firewalls (using pfSense) that provide the highest grade of protection for your network.


We maintain wired and wireless computer networks, from small systems with just a router and a switch, to large scale deployments with a leased line, Cisco switches and routers, and wireless access points throughout.


We can work with you to develop organisation-wide IT strategy and policy.


We offer training and advice in all manner of information and communications technology, software and services, and in building databases and web sites.