Open Plan IT provide proven, expert computer support to the UK voluntary, community, campaign and activist sectors and social enterprises and other organisations. We have provided support to the UK third sector since 2001 and are based in Brighton but can provide effective support anywhere.

We provide setup, maintenance, guidance and training regarding all aspects of information and computer technology including for desktop computers, laptops, servers, phones, tablets, firewalls and networks.

Contact Pete on 0 7 7 0 2 - 3 2 6 - 9 1 9 or pete @ openplanit . co . uk

General IT Support

We work with all kinds of computer equipment, and with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and an array of software applications. We specialise in working with free and open-source software.

Organisation-Wide Computing Systems

We offer a complete computer system for your organisation - our Roaming Computing System - a suite of free software, running on desktop computers with Windows 7 and a Debian Linux server. The software is kept up-to-date with security updates on a daily basis and with major updates periodically. Your staff get a consistent setup and can login from any computer in your organisation, or use the facilities when away from the office.

Second-user Computers

Where practicable we try to purchase all equipment in the corporate second-user market. We provide high quality ex-corporate computers at low prices.


We install very secure firewalls that continuously protect your organisation from malicious attack, using pfSense.


We maintain wired and wireless computer networks, from small systems with just a router and a switch, to large scale deployments with a leased line, Cisco switches and routers, and wireless access points throughout.


We can work with you to develop organisation-wide IT strategy and policy.


We offer training in general computer use, various software applications, databases and web site building techniques and principles.